About Us

About Layed Out Clothing

Layed Out Clothing started on a lifelong dream of mine to own a customized clothing company. In the beginning we started making our own decals and custom shirts for friends and family. I had been around the automotive scene about my whole life, going to mini truck shows with my brother growing up. I knew it was my passion to stay in the scene and after going to a few shows in 2020 we decided to aim our company into automotive apparel. With my wife on board with my dreams, we decided to go full force offering custom apparel as well as featured truck apparel.
We have found a lot of inspiration from other automotive clothing companies in the scene and they have been extremely helpful in Layed Out Clothing’s growth. We never imagined that our company would take off like it has in such a small amount of time. We enjoy the reactions from our customers when they are happy with their apparel, whether its custom shirts or hoodies. 
We have a lot of ideas and hopes for Layed Out Clothing going forward and are excited to share them all with you as we roll them out. Our main goal from day one, is to provide quality products for our customers and continue to learn and grow along the way. We have more featured shirts in the works so keep an eye out for what’s next.